​Priced far below your expectations.... perfect for sound stewardship, from the initial acoustical consultation to the final tonal finishing, PHOENIX Church Organs.... always the sound choice

Services and Repairs

The Organwerks, A Premier PHOENIX Dealership, invites you to hear, play and experience the sound of the uncompromising PHOENIX organ. 

Installed by our staff of experienced professionals in Private Homes, Charming Country Churches, Historic Church Edifices and Contemporary Church Buildings … the sound is always exceptional and realistic! Our staff of organists, woodworkers, technicians and our master voicer and tonal finisher, offers a combined 100+ year level of experience in the church organ field and a sound record of a 45 year business history at the same location. 

Console Rebuilding

Organ consoles frequently become available that are suitable for rebuilding using the PHOENIX electronic system. Pipe organ consoles in particular are often of high quality and the hardwoods used in their construction are of great value.


Pipe Organ Control Systems

The PHOENIX system capabilities are enormous - a single system will control for up to six keyboards and pedals, 256 stops, 256 ranks and 256 pistons.  

Authorized Factory Service

We are proud to be an official service provider for PHOENIX organswithin the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Instruments we sell and install include 10 Years parts and labor warranty.


State of the Art

PHOENIX Organs are truly a "dream come true".  Utilizing the latest in digital technology to recreate the ambiance and playing feel of a wind blown instrument.  

What We Offer

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